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To start let me say you will see nothing of the Washington Wizards, the Washington Nationals, or the University of Maryland Terrapins football team. I believe the NBA is a joke and when you can’t win more than 10 games in half a season you are even more of a joke. The Nationals will never be my team I will forever be an Orioles fan and always yell O during the Star Spangled Banner. And Terps football no matter who they get will ever be good. With that my teams are the Washington Redskins for better or worse, the Washington Capitals and their explosively potent offense, University of Maryland Terrapins Basketball (the boys as my late father called ‘em) because its always fun to hate DUKE, and the Baltimore Orioles no matter how boring baseball gets you gotta love those O’s.

Since essentially the baseball season is over lets start with the good news. The Caps are on a 6 game win streak, taking on a struggling Islanders team at home tonigh. I did not get to see the game last night thanks to the devils at Comcast requiring me to have a digital device to watch 4 channels one of which being Versus. I did however read about the game and may I say that wow that’s awful. I don’t care who you put in net Varly or Theo, but come on you have to play defense regardless if its tied or your up 3 to a bad team. Ovechkin had his 6th multi goal game in 12 and Thomas Fleischman came back and did some work. They just need to keep it up and put these teams away. Tonight against the Islanders you will definitely see me sneaking an I up at the TV while out for drinks(I have to be secretive here in Philly they don’t like us DC fans that much). C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS.

Now on to the disgruntled part. I must say what the Redskins have become is a complete travesty. I have been a Redskins fan as long as I can remember The golden Gibbs years to the Heath Shuler Affair and even Pettibon to Turner. Always a fan through and through. Now I’m not so sure I want to be a part of something so Communistic and terrible. Bad seasons happen even bad coaches and good players playing bad. These things happen, but when it comes that point The Owner (yes its capitalized because he’s like big brother or something) should fess up clean out the trash and start anew. What does this mean, you may ask. It means stop making football decisions when you have no idea what the right one should be. Fire your VP in charge of football operations, and hire a general manager who has an idea of how to run a team. Find a quarterback (either by the trade wires or the draft) who can lead a team, and you know PLAY WELL. Finally fire the coaching staff, find a head coach who has the ability to run a team and make the right calls with the general manager and keep your hands off of him. Now I’m no genius when it comes to running a football team, but I have seen what works for other teams and what doesn’t right here and anywhere else it’s like this. I’m sorry Dan Snyder but I think its time to either give up and run it differently or just give up and sell the team.

I really DO NOT want to get started on the new policies put forth by the Redskins organization, but these things should go with out saying. Banning a sign due to what it says (supposing it is not vulgar) is unconstitutional. As well as banning interviews with fans tailgating before the game, also unconstitutional. It may be “private Redskins property” but come on, it is still very wrong and is very much a Big Brother type move.


Some Upcoming Movies

Ok so I was perusing and watched a few trailers.

1. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li
Ok so don't get me wrong I love movies based on video games I think they are a great idea. However this one bothers me a great deal. Three key points 1) Chun Li is not I repeat NOT Asian how is that even supposed to work. 2) M. Bison is supposed to be huge but he is played by this guy... who is not huge. 3) Thirdly it has been written with a seemingly modern plot and has nothing to do with the video game only using magic and characters from it so blah heres the preview.

2. Night at the Museum 2:Battle of the Smithsonian
All I have to say is this looks cool and it will be sweet to see if it is actually the Smithsonian or if its lame Hollywood.

3. GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra
As a kid who watched the cartoons and played with the toys I am drawn to this movie. PS. I love the bad guy.

4. Dragonball: Evolution
I'm a nerd sorry but I have always loved dragonball. 1 problem which seems to be a running theme. Goku is not Asian so I don't understand casting white people in Asian roles. PS Emmy Rossum = great pick as Bulma. PPS. Where's Krillin?


Yes that's right it is time for KITTENS INSPIRED BY KITTENS a hilarious video of a girl and a book of kittens ENJOY


Well not for good yet at least. Tomorrow I am leaving for Philadelphia for the weekend where i plan on doing a few things. Of those things there are a couple that I would like to talk about right here. Numero Uno. I am running a 5k on Saturday 2/14 with my girlfriend in a couples 5k. I currently have a couple of gripes with this, such as running a 5k first of all I weigh way too much for my body to like me running a 5k so I will feel like a troll running. Secondly its a corny 5k but I really like my girlfriend so I will do it cuz she wants to. Also there will be a birthday party for my girlfriend's roommate which is looking to be like one huge car wreck that no one can avoid and will probably cost the same. But I am complaining way too much because, I love going to philly and hanging out with said girlfriend... so tata for now and enjoy

PS go check the rich life of my best friend here

The poor Pathetic state of local sports

Tonight should have been an amazing night to curl up in front of the fireplace and watch sports because of two great games. First of all the Maryland Terrapins had a chance to make up for such a pitiful showing against Duke this weekend. Scoring only 44 points and losing by 41 something had to go right tonight against BC. The first half went great up 11 and scoring only 4 less points in one half than the entire game against Duke. But leave it to Vasquez to take horrible shots and make horrible passes and cause the game to fall to BC and end up losing by 9. After all of this and this season there is talk of a great coach Gary Williams possibly leaving the Terps. There have been talks of buying out the end of his contract and all because his team cannot finish a game. And if that is not enough there was the Washington Capitals. After not trailing the entire game the Caps lost in OT on a powerplay goal. Just overall not a good night for local sports. However on the up and up the Caps are 2nd in the east behind only the Bruins, and are leading the South division, and the Terp women are ranked number 9 in the country after beating the Lady Tar Heels this weekend. On a lighter note the awesome Washington Wizards have still yet to win their 10th game. Not even the Oklahoma City Thunder (a first year expansion team) have a worse record than the Wizards.

PS. It snowed today which was awesome I really really want to go snowboarding now!!

Oh and just because DUKE SUCKS and this is why

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