Well not for good yet at least. Tomorrow I am leaving for Philadelphia for the weekend where i plan on doing a few things. Of those things there are a couple that I would like to talk about right here. Numero Uno. I am running a 5k on Saturday 2/14 with my girlfriend in a couples 5k. I currently have a couple of gripes with this, such as running a 5k first of all I weigh way too much for my body to like me running a 5k so I will feel like a troll running. Secondly its a corny 5k but I really like my girlfriend so I will do it cuz she wants to. Also there will be a birthday party for my girlfriend's roommate which is looking to be like one huge car wreck that no one can avoid and will probably cost the same. But I am complaining way too much because, I love going to philly and hanging out with said girlfriend... so tata for now and enjoy

PS go check the rich life of my best friend here http://graber29.blogspot.com/


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