Some Upcoming Movies

Ok so I was perusing and watched a few trailers.

1. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li
Ok so don't get me wrong I love movies based on video games I think they are a great idea. However this one bothers me a great deal. Three key points 1) Chun Li is not I repeat NOT Asian how is that even supposed to work. 2) M. Bison is supposed to be huge but he is played by this guy... who is not huge. 3) Thirdly it has been written with a seemingly modern plot and has nothing to do with the video game only using magic and characters from it so blah heres the preview.

2. Night at the Museum 2:Battle of the Smithsonian
All I have to say is this looks cool and it will be sweet to see if it is actually the Smithsonian or if its lame Hollywood.

3. GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra
As a kid who watched the cartoons and played with the toys I am drawn to this movie. PS. I love the bad guy.

4. Dragonball: Evolution
I'm a nerd sorry but I have always loved dragonball. 1 problem which seems to be a running theme. Goku is not Asian so I don't understand casting white people in Asian roles. PS Emmy Rossum = great pick as Bulma. PPS. Where's Krillin?


Yes that's right it is time for KITTENS INSPIRED BY KITTENS a hilarious video of a girl and a book of kittens ENJOY


Well not for good yet at least. Tomorrow I am leaving for Philadelphia for the weekend where i plan on doing a few things. Of those things there are a couple that I would like to talk about right here. Numero Uno. I am running a 5k on Saturday 2/14 with my girlfriend in a couples 5k. I currently have a couple of gripes with this, such as running a 5k first of all I weigh way too much for my body to like me running a 5k so I will feel like a troll running. Secondly its a corny 5k but I really like my girlfriend so I will do it cuz she wants to. Also there will be a birthday party for my girlfriend's roommate which is looking to be like one huge car wreck that no one can avoid and will probably cost the same. But I am complaining way too much because, I love going to philly and hanging out with said girlfriend... so tata for now and enjoy

PS go check the rich life of my best friend here
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