All Over Insomnia

It's two in the am and I am sitting in bed listening to music and waiting for some movies to illegally download. Tomorrow is thursday which is my day for working a lot(a lot is relative to me).  Tonight's movies du jour are Talladega Nights and The Matrix Reloaded.

This is my first blog so I'm going to try out a little bit of everything. Everything being links videos and pictures. So far I feel as though this set-up is leaving little to be desired from and i cannot wait for them to update it. So recently I have moved into my grandfather's garage. Some might say "You're crazy", or "won't you freeze?". Well the thing is, I am crazy and no i won't freeze. It is cold during the day, but at night I have a sweet mattress pad that keeps me super toasty at night. As I have been thinking/typing six straight songs from my high school era have just blasted over my iTunes and now i remember that in just over a week its time to re-live those awesome awkward times at our 5 year reunion. So tonight's post is a little all over the place but from here on out I will be "issue oriented" whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. So I will leave you with these.

-Water Is Life

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