The poor Pathetic state of local sports

Tonight should have been an amazing night to curl up in front of the fireplace and watch sports because of two great games. First of all the Maryland Terrapins had a chance to make up for such a pitiful showing against Duke this weekend. Scoring only 44 points and losing by 41 something had to go right tonight against BC. The first half went great up 11 and scoring only 4 less points in one half than the entire game against Duke. But leave it to Vasquez to take horrible shots and make horrible passes and cause the game to fall to BC and end up losing by 9. After all of this and this season there is talk of a great coach Gary Williams possibly leaving the Terps. There have been talks of buying out the end of his contract and all because his team cannot finish a game. And if that is not enough there was the Washington Capitals. After not trailing the entire game the Caps lost in OT on a powerplay goal. Just overall not a good night for local sports. However on the up and up the Caps are 2nd in the east behind only the Bruins, and are leading the South division, and the Terp women are ranked number 9 in the country after beating the Lady Tar Heels this weekend. On a lighter note the awesome Washington Wizards have still yet to win their 10th game. Not even the Oklahoma City Thunder (a first year expansion team) have a worse record than the Wizards.

PS. It snowed today which was awesome I really really want to go snowboarding now!!

Oh and just because DUKE SUCKS and this is why

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